Trey is a widely recognized leader in the political community as a practitioner, author and speaker on issue advocacy campaigns, fundraising and political action committees.

Known for his creativity, he has influenced the direction of political finance activities throughout the United States for two decades.

As managing partner of GR Pro, he creates and implements finance, communications and market research solutions for America’s top political committees and advocacy organizations.



Jeri is an award-winning graphic designer and fine artist with
over 30 years of advertising and communications experience

in the political market. Her image campaigns have secured

95 national Pollie Awards and 3 Telly Awards for political

clients from Main Street to Wall Street.

In addition to political committees, she has provided designs

and campaign advice to more than 100 presidential,

gubernatorial and congressional campaigns.

Karma Robinson is recognized for her leadership in the political and business communities by having raised more than $100 million for candidate campaigns, business groups and issue initiatives. She has created and implemented unique public affairs solutions for 30 years for pro-business clients on a local and national level. 

At GR Pro, she creates and implements fundraising, issue

advocacy and electioneering solutions for America’s top

political committees and advocacy organizations.

 Maressa Treat
Development Director

Maressa is GR Pro's Director of Development where

she oversees finance and grass tops development

initiatives for the firm’s clientele.

 Prior to this role, she served as State Outreach Director for

US Senator James Lankford delivering a wealth of practical

political and policy experience through her years of work at the State Chamber of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Senate, the

office of the Oklahoma Secretary of Energy,

non-profit organizations and candidate campaigns.  



Rusty Appleton is GR Pro’s Vice President of Political Operations.

With a background in association management, and a veteran

of political campaigns at every level of government, he

brings a diverse skillset to the team. He has vast experience

in managing issue campaigns on behalf of corporations,

political committees and citizen organizations, as well as

political campaigns for U.S. House and Senate races.

 Colton Murphy
Development Coordinator

Colton Murphy serves as GR Pro's Development Coordinator. 

While a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma in

Public Relations, he has already amassed some two cycles

of campaign finance and communications experience ranging

from Washington, D.C. to state-wide political campaigns.


He currently implements finance, compliance and business development strategies for GR Pro’s national and state clientele.

 Tori Dennis
Project Coordinator

Tori Dennis serves as Project Coordinator for GR Pro.


With experience in non-profit and professional association program management, she coordinated the state's largest health-care project and various legislative efforts.  Her unique skills, include production, marketing and client relations. Tori’s abilities enhance GR Pro tradition of producing award-winning results that consistently exceed our clients’ goals.

 Amy Milchesky


Amy’s 25 years of experience in business brings extensive operational expertise to GR Pro and its clients.

Moreover, her pioneering attitude and strong leadership skills are well suited for ensuring the company’s high standards for quality, customer satisfaction and project delivery.

 Beth white
Compliance Counsel

As a 20-year veteran of political and nonprofit law in the public and private sectors, Beth navigates the myriad of rules governing interactions with public officials and candidates for public office. 


Over the course of her career, Beth provided strategic legal counsel to the Environmental Protection Agency as the Executive Secretariat. Beth also served as General Counsel for the National Republican Congressional Committee, as Counsel to a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and as an attorney at leading law firms and a DC-based public affairs consulting firm. Her professional career began as deputy redistricting counsel at the Republican National Campaign during the 2002 campaign cycle.  

 Alise Mills
senior Public Affairs Counsel and Strategic Communications

Alise has counseled top executives at companies, associations, nonprofits and professional service firms throughout Canada and the U.S. Her knowledge about legislative, political and reputational matters includes infrastructure, economic development, environmental concerns, criminal matters, and political and activist attacks upon corporations, political leaderships, and globally recognized brands.


Her extensive experience providing political and commercial advice allows her to deliver sophisticated results-driven communications responses and campaigns rooted in analysis and research to decrease risk and vulnerabilities.


 Sean boyles
Design and Production coordinator

With a focus on graphic design and strategic communications, Sean translates ideas into unified visual arts for GR Pro clientele. His dedication to new techniques and technologies for digital and traditional media delivers award-winning marketing and communications for the firm.